Unhandled Error when trying to print

Using Tropy 1.7.0, I’m trying to print an item, and consistently get “Unhandled Error”, and, of course, can’t print. I’ve evoked it both from File->Print and Command-P. Using Mac OS 10.14.6

Can you send us the tropy.log file (Help -> Show log files) after this errors occurs? If printing works for other items and you only get the error for a particular item, it might also be helpful if you could send us a copy of the item (e.g., just select the item, hit Cmd/Ctrl + C and paste the item as JSON here).

Here you go. Unfortunately, it is happening globally.

tropy.log (34.6 KB)


The error seems to be caused by the fact that there is no printer configured on your system. Is that the case? We’ll have to check if there’s something we can do about this – we can probably work around this by offering to print directly to PDF, however, since we currently rely on the system’s print sub-system for most configuration options (paper format etc.) we would probably have provide an extra dialog for this. As a quick workaround, you could try to set up a random printer on your system to see if this makes the print dialog show up.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I was afraid that was the case. My printer is so old, they aren’t updating the drivers anymore, so I can’t configure it. Typically, if I “print” anything, the print dialogue pops up and I print to PDF, which is what I was planning to do in this case as well. Oh, well.

Could you try removing your printer configuration? We’ve realized in the meantime that the print dialog shows up even when there are no printers configured (at least on Catalina): in your case the error is a ‘no valid printers available’, so I wonder if you do have the old printer, though unusable due to outdated drivers, in the config and this prevents showing the dialog.

If you have no printer configured at all this might be an issue on Mojave only; otherwise, the only odd thing I noticed is that you seem to start Tropy with an extra argument ‘psn_0_53261’ – I don’t think this would make any difference, but it’s not one of Tropy config options, so it’s a bit curious why it would be present.

Thanks, I have no printer configured, and can’t upgrade to Catalina yet since I have some 32-bit apps that I rely on. Don’t know about the extra argument at startup. Great program, it has been super useful!

I saw your comment/query in the issues thread and the mention of “virtual” printers, so I tried this work around and it successfully pulls up a print dialog box from which I can print to pdf.