Unlisted Items problems

Hello again!

I’m having two issues with the Unlisted Items folder (a feature I find very useful!)

First, there have been a few cases where I have dragged and dropped a stack of images to the wrong list by mistake. I have then clicked “Remove Items from List” and added them to the right list. But in at least some cases, these stacks end up lodged in the “Unlisted Items” folder even though they are now listed (?) The only thing I’ve been able to do to clear them from the list is to delete them completely and reimport them.

The other bug is that if I’m displaying the Unlisted Items folder and then try to open a nested folder (i.e. a list of lists?) on the left by clicking on the arrow to expand, I get an “Unhandled Error” with a lot of TypeError code. If you’d like me to share this, let me know. This one isn’t a problem for me – but it might be a bug you want to address.

Cheers — Rob

Thanks! There is definitely something wrong with selecting nested lists. We’ll take a look at it and fix it in the upcoming release.

Excellent! If I could make a further suggestion…

Let’s imagine I have a higher level folder (call it “1”) with several lower-level folders inside it (call them “a” “b” “c” and so on) containing stacks of images. My ideal workflow would be that when I click on “a” or “b” or “c,” I see each of the stacks within them, but when I click on “1,” I would see all of a and b and c combined.

I can do this now, but only by dragging the stack into “a” and “1” separately. In other words, higher-level folders don’t populate automatically from their lower-level contents. I think this would be useful — and I also can’t imagine anyone wanting the opposite, since why else would you be nesting folders if not to combine them in this way?

There may well be reasons not to do this, of course, so it’s just a suggestion!