Use of alternate date format

Is there a way to use a date format other than ISO (YYYYMMDD), such as DDMMMYYYY?

No, currently only extended ISO date strings are recognized.

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that the background for this
application is dissertation-based. However, you might consider adding a
date format selection that would extend the usage to other disciplines.
I am a genealogist and as such we deal with a considerable volume of
images and documents in our research, All of these need the organization
and documentation your program has as its foundation. However, our work
calls for a different date format. If a selection of the different formats
were available through preferences, it would open up this program to a
whole new user base. Just a thought.

Thanks again for the information.

John W. Ware III
Tennessee Genealogical Society

We’d definitely like to add a date input widget at some point. One of the reasons we picked the extended ISO format is because it supports encoding information such as intervals, ranges and approximate or not fully specified dates, which are all features we’d like our date input widget to support. As such, we need a source format that can handle all these cases.

That said, other than formatting your dates in localized manner, Tropy doesn’t do anything with the date values yet. For this reason you can also input dates in your preferred format without losing much functionality (you could also use string/text values instead to turn off date parsing altogether). The benefit of using the ISO format in date values is that it will ensure that futures we might add in the future (e.g. exporting timelines, browsing by date range and so on) will definitely work.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.