View multiple notes for one image simultaneously

Hi, I am still trying to figure out a good system of transcribing and translating the archival documents I am working with. I would love to be able to view two notes for a single image simultaneously, so that I can work on my transcription in one note and my translation in another note.
Alternatively, perhaps it would be possible to create two separate columns within a single note, so that one side can be the transcription and one side can be the translation?

We’ve been considering adding item level notes (i.e., notes not linked to a single image) or ways to display notes independently of the selected image, for example displaying all the notes, one after another, in the note pad. More generally, we’ve been trying to figure out a good workflow for managing multiple types of notes, similar to your suggestion, transcription vs real notes, but we have no clear solution in mind yet.

Supporting multiple columns in a note is something I had not considered. It’s probably not the best approach, because it will make it difficult, afterwards, to classify or search data. For instance, if you want to later search for a phrase only within transcribed text, it would not easily be possible to skip matches in the ‘note’ text. Creating separate notes, with the ability to classify them by type, seems much safer.

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Yes, you’re probably right that columns wouldn’t be the best way to go about it. But being able to manage multiple types of notes would be great. Or perhaps being able to “pop out” a note so it’s in a separate window, and then being able to “pop out” multiple notes at once. Evernote, for example, has that feature, where you can open a note in a separate window. So I can open two notes, size/place them side by side, and type into two notes at the same time. This feature would also be really useful if, for example, I’m using two monitors - that way I would be able to have the image blown up on one monitor, with a note or two notes that I am typing in on the other monitor.