Viewer Mode Only


I would like to share my Tropy project with someone, but without also giving the permission to change the informations.
Does a viewer mode only exist in Tropy?
Thanks for your help.


Tropy will pick up the file permissions: if the file is set to read-only it will open the project in read-only mode. This guarantees that the project won’t be changed. Since this is a property of the local file, it’s something you would have to ask the other person to do in most cases – depending on how you share the project file and photos.

The latest version of Tropy will not alter the project file if you just open it without making any changes, but read-only mode protects you even against inadvertent changes.

If the what you’re sharing is already in more final state you could also consider the Archive plugin for sharing: this lets you create a zip file with all metadata and photos that can be shared easily and imported into another Tropy project.

It’s also possible to print individual items and save them as PDFs. In most cases you can compress/optimize the print PDFs afterwards to make them smaller and then share them with others.

Hey Inukshuk,

Thank you for your quick answer.
The current project is not yet in its final state, so the read-only mode should be best. I tried to find how to turn it on, but I couldn’t. How do I set this up?
Also does the read-only mode use the same project file as for the others (so if changes are made, they are visible on the read-only mode as well)?

You need to change the project file’s permissions. Typically, you can do this with your operating system’s file manager: right-click on the project file and select file info or properties and look for the access permissions. If you tell me your OS (or that of your colleague’s) I can give your more details.

Note, that while you can alter the file’s permissions and then send it to someone else or put the file into a shared folder, this usually does not guarantee that the file will be read-only on the other end (it depends on the both file systems and how the files are copied) – so this is definitely something you need to check on the device that will open the file. If Tropy opens the file read-only, it will show a padlock symbol next to the project name, so you can always look for this icon to make sure the file won’t be altered.

Perfect, I will do this. Thank you for your help!