Weird zooming on open

Hi friends!
Recently when I’ve opened Tropy, it has opened at such a high zoom level that you can’t even really see the interface. Then when I tell it to zoom out, it zooms out to such a distant level that it’s too small for reading. It’s almost impossible to get it to a normal reading-level zoom (which used to be what it was by default). This may very well be user error–is there a setting somewhere that I’ve messed up?

Hi Abby!

While trying to reproduce this on a Mac just now, I also managed to get into a strange state where the zoom controls didn’t behave as expected (especially in combination with resizing the window). So there definitely seems to be something wrong there, we’ll talk a closer look!

Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to work around this. First, try to quit and then restart Tropy. Then, immediately select View > Actual Size from the menu. If this looks fine, then restart once again. Otherwise change the zoom level one or two steps to your preference and also restart Tropy right away.

If this does not work, then you can also do this: select Help > Show user data folder from the menu, then quit Tropy. In the user data folder open the state.json file in a text editor and look for the zoom option there and set it to 1. Then save the file and start Tropy again. Keeping the zoom at 1 is probably the most stable option; note that you can also change the font size in the preferences. This a good way if it’s OK to keep the UI elements at the default size and only make the fonts bigger or smaller as required.