What are the shortcuts to moving items?

Dragging an item to a new list copies the item. What are the shortcuts to moving items?

The items are always copied currently, but having the option to move items from one list to another sounds like a good idea to me.

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Actually, an item is never moved or copied to a list. If you drag an item to a list, you just add the item to that list.

I guess what you mean by moving items is to drag an item, currently in list A, to list B to remove it from A and add it to B, right? Maybe we could do that by using the Shift or Alt key while dragging?

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Yes, that’s what I mean. ALT is a good idea

Shouldn’t a basic drag-and-drop be a move, as it is in the Finder (and Windows)? If you want to add an item to another list, that’s like copying it, no? So option-drag in the Finder. (Not sure about Windows or linux systems.)

I’m not using Tropy enough in this way to know what the default desire is, but I’m just thinking about muscle memory.

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This makes more sense to me. Alt/Option+click and drag creates a new copy in many OS contexts.

I still maintain that adding/removing items from lists is very different, semantically, than moving or copying files into folders. The reason is this: if you ‘copy’ an item from one list to the other, the item itself is not copied at all; instead the same item has now been added to two different lists. If you change any of the item’s metadata in one list, the change also affects the item in the other list.

For this reason I think it’s fine to deviate from the usual default behavior and ‘copy’ (that is, add to list) on a simple drag and ‘move’ (add to new list, remove from current list) using Alt/Option+drag. However, consistent behavior is important and I realize that we already have the inverse logic when moving/copying metadata values in the panel, so I may yet be persuaded to switch have ‘move’ as the default behavior when dragging items to lists.

It’s also important to note that the ‘move’ behavior is not possible when dragging items out of the project view (when no list is active); that’s might also hint at the fact that ‘copy’ is the better default for this action.

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Ah, that makes sense as the item is linked between lists.