Windows 7 Install Error Message

I tried to install the win X64. Kept getting a “the procedure entry point discardvirtualmemory could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll” error message. I am running windows 7, is it still supported? Already ran the update (KB2758857), no help. Any ideas?

Tropy 1.12.0 is the last version that should support Windows 7.

It’s probably possible to create a working build of the latest version to run on Windows 7 if we link to an older version of Electron. If you’d be interested in testing a beta build we could include one for the upcoming 1.15 release.

Otherwise the only way is to stay on 1.12. For this you’d have to disable the auto-updater right after starting Tropy. The update check happens approximately after one minute, so the best approach is to start Tropy, select show user data from the help menu. Close Tropy. And only when it’s closed open the state.json file in the user data folder in a text editor. In that file you can set the updater property from true to false and save the file. With that Tropy will not check for updates.

Thank you sir. I figured it was something like thar. Thank you for the

The workaround worked from what I can tell. If the beta build for the 1.15 release works with win 7 I would be happy to beta test the build.

We gave this a shot, but unfortunately there are quite a few issues when running the latest version of Tropy on the Electron platform version 22 (which is the last one that runs on Windows 7/8) so we won’t be able to provide the 1.15 custom build.