Writing from right to left

It would be really great if in the next versions you could add the feature of the writing direction in the notes to be also from right to left (as in Arabaic and Hebrew). Now when you do it the numbers and punctuatuons get mixed up

Thanks, good point! We’ll look into it and add it for the upcoming release if there are no unexpected obstacles.

Would you be interested in testing this in a beta release?

Thank you very much!
Yes I would gladly.

Alright, hopefully this should already be ready for testing:

Currently you need to change the direction for each note individually (but the setting will be remembered for each note). For technical reasons you need to create the note (that is type something) before you can change the setting, so this is probably annoying if you prefer right to left for all/most notes. We could change the default direction based on the system language’s direction. Or add a separate option to the preferences?

If you set macOS or Windows to Arabic or Hebrew the window controls will be on the right (macOS) and left (Windows). The beta should deal with this correctly now as well (especially when using the custom titlebar on Windows).

Do input fields other than the notepad behave as expected for your input method?

If you’d like to try this in the beta you can download it from our release page. You can install the beta alongside the stable release, but generally we don’t recommend using the beta except for testing new features.

Thank you very much!

It would be great if in other fields there would also be a way to change
the writing directions because numbers get mixed up otherwise.

I will wait for the next version, I’m a little technophobic, so I will wait
with the installation of the beta version.

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Would you mind to provide an example where the numbers are mixed up?


In the title, the number 19 is on the wrong side. It is in the end on it
and not in the beginning

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Thank you very much!