Zoom slider length


Would it be possible to make the zoom slider much longer in order to have better control ?
And if possible add a way to enter a zoom factor with the keyboard ?

Thank you

Hmm, normally you can control all sliders with the keyboard, but we’ve disabled that in the image viewer, because we don’t want the slider (or other controls in the toolbar) to steal the keyboard focus (since arrow keys should continue to pan the image, not move the slider). You can zoom with Cmd/Ctrl +/- but the default step size is larger than what the slider gives you; we’ll think of a way to fine-tune this.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Also, there is plenty of white space that could be used to make the sliding easier.

This particular toolbar is a little more complicated, because there would be much less space when you switch to side-by-side view, but in general we want to address this by making all toolbars responsive in the way that we can define multiple layouts (e.g., one with a much wider slider) – so this is something we will probably not address until we have the general solution ready.

/cc @flachware in case you want to weigh in!

Just to come back to this briefly, @Ashtez you can also zoom using the scroll-wheel of your mouse (or two-finger etc. scrolling on a trackpad) if you hold the Control key – is the step size there to coarse for your needs?

@Ashtez quick update, we are planning to enhance the zoom slider by adding shift as modifier key to provide a new slider mode that lets you fine-tune the zoom level: while you hold the shift key, the slider handle will move slower than the mouse cursor, which virtually enlarges the slider. This way you can deliberately switch between the coarse and fine control and you will end up with less dragging altogether.

Great news ! Because the current steps are too coarse regarding any of the method in my opinion. A way to fine-tune it is really welcome !

The precision zoom feature will be in the next release, watch out for the update.

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Thank you all for the great support !