Zotero integration follow-up request

I saw an old request from Oct. 2017 for Zotero integration, and wanted to follow up on that. I’d love to be able to easily import tropy metadata into my Zotero library. I use both Tropy and Zotero to annotate, transcribe, and organize. So I find that I cut and paste what I type in Tropy into a Zotero bibliographic entry to make sure my research records are complete, and also because the Zotero interface fits more with how I “see” my research as a complete entity.

Is there a way to facilitate the cut and paste action with an automatic “add citation to Zotero” button or some such thing? Or, what about the reverse, “add metadata to Tropy”?

Thanks for considering this. I think the two programs play so well together and would like to increase my use of Tropy, but right now it feels quite amorphous compared to my neat and organized Zotero library.


We have a plugin to export items to Zotero which kind of stalled for lack of more usage examples. Basically, the open question is field mappings. In Tropy you can use properties of any vocabulary so we could create a vocabulary of all properties used by Zotero or, preferably, map certain fields to corresponding fields in Zotero. The plugin will use the latter approach and allow you to customize the mapping via Tropy templates, however, we’re still looking for a good default mapping that will work as expected for most.

If you could share a few Tropy items with us here and explain how you would like the result in Zotero to look like, that would be much appreciated!