Zotero integration?

I imagine this may be on the road map, but would be nice if one could easily, and/or automatically, sync tropy metadata with a zotero library.


Hi Bruce! It is definitely on the road map, as we shift our focus to export and import workflows. The first target, with regard to Zotero, will be the RDF export because Tropy’s metadata model is essentially based on RDF-like triples already. For example, you can already import a vocabulary like bibo as N3 or TTL into Tropy and create templates using its properties. (Using the version from LOV you would currently see a few warnings about protected vocabularies, but these are just because of some definitions of properties already defined by Tropy’s core vocabularies). We’ll be working to provide more support for export / import and expose more of the capabilities of the data model and templates as we go along.

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Great to hear you’re working on export and import workflows! What kind of timeline are we looking at before we can sync tropy metadata to zotero?