Zotero + Tropy workflow recommendations

Hello everyone!

I’m curious how do you work with Tropy alongside Zotero. I’m working on a thesis which involves quite a lot of pictures - propaganda posters, ww2 photos etc., many of which comes from various forums and other websites. Zotero is perfect for this, because with one or two clicks I’m saving all the necessary data, which I’ll use later, when providing sources to images I’ve gathered. Zotero lacks image viewer, so it’s not the perfect solution. I was wondering how I could use Tropy alongside Zotero. I’d love to quickly move between the two programs and make the workflow as seamless as possible. Any tips? Anyone working with visual sources, rather than photos of archival documents?

EDIT: Also, I’m, trying to set up a custom template to use the “Accessed” date. However, it seems absent from the drop-down menu. Is there any way to add it?


As for the Accessed metadata field, you could download the Provenance, Authoring and Versioning vocabulary, install it in Tropy (Preferences > Vocabularies > +), then add the sourceAccessedOn property in your custom template via the dropdown menu. Optionally you can add an Accessed custom label in the template editor.