Add non-pic docs

This would be an amazing all-in-one organizing app for genealogists if it also accepted things like Word docs or spreadsheet or text-type documents.

Dreaming here.

Especially since the original is not moved, renamed, changed or deleted.

Many are asking for a photo organizer, so I put it out there in my fb group. But if it could do other kind too (docx, xlsx, ppt, etc word processing), that would be king of the mountain. So many right now are using Zotero just for organizing the same way that are not really interested in writing history books and can’t afford DevonThink. Some have gone the markdown route and are using Obsidian and such. I like the tag and metadata abilities and the fact you can have the item in more than one place.

We have not fully committed to this yet, but we’re thinking about ways to make everything work with multiple different file types.