Docx-, doc- and rtf-files

I plan on importing thousands and thousands of pictures into Tropy. However, few and far between there are also a number of doc-, docx- and rtf-files. These, I gather, Tropy cannot handle (Add non-pic docs).
Would it, however, still be possible to add my entire database to Tropy, with all the non-image files as, one could say, silent partners? By that, I mean that Tropy would tolerate those files and, what’s more, might even be able, at some point in the near future, to open them, within Tropy itself or using some other software outside of Tropy.

We’re planning to add support for other media than photos this year. One part of this will involve changing the UI components and data model to reason about the assets inside an item in a more generic way – currently everything is hard-wired to photos.

Once this is done, it should be possible to add any file to an item and attach metadata and notes to it. And for supported media types there will be a built-in viewer and controls to create ‘selections’ similar to how it’s done with photos (potential media types we have in mind are video, audio, 3d, or text files).

This does sound great.
But I suppose it is a lot of work … and will take you some time to implement.