Batch consolidating dialog-box not showing up - Mac


Im strugling with an issue, where I have moved a folder from er shared drive to my computer locally. After this I need to consolidate the pictures in their new position and it works very well for one picture, but the dialog box asking whether I want Tropy to look for the others photos doesnt pop up.

Since this is part of a task in a university course this has been only a problem on Macs.

From the log file i see this:
{"level":40,"time":1598276380578,"type":"renderer","name":"project","stack":"TypeError: Failed to execute 'fetch' on 'WorkerGlobalScope': Failed to parse URL from file://D:\\DigiArcForTOMA2020\\TOM digital archive\\Sources Sesame Street\\Kilder Sesame Street projekt\\DR\\IMG_20170110_141924594.jpg?c=1598276369561\n at loadImageBitmap (file:///Applications/\n at self.onmessage (file:///Applications/","msg":"esper: failed loading file://D:\\DigiArcForTOMA2020\\TOM digital archive\\Sources Sesame Street\\Kilder Sesame Street projekt\\DR\\IMG_20170110_141924594.jpg?c=1598276369561"}

The weird thing is that the //D: derives from the shared drive - why would that be on my local folder?

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I’ve managed to find following fix:

But tampering with SQL-databases will be without the scope of the course, which is to introduce students to helpfull research tools. Therefore I would be very happy to get some help with getting the batch consolidating working.

Were the photos imported originally on a Windows computer? The path to the shared drive seems to be a Windows file path. I suspect that there is some issue in the path resolution logic that takes place during consolidation when you have mixed paths (e.g., moving from a Windows path to a Mac OS file path).

Yes. They were originally from a Windows computer.

OK thanks. This is definitely an issue with the path resolution on a Mac not dealing well with the Windows path. We’ll try to address this in an upcoming release.

In the meantime, did I understand correctly that you’re not merely trying to consolidate this project once, but to have a step-by-step guide for students to do so? Is the scenario that you have a shared folder with the photos and students move the folder over and then continue working on their own computers? In that case the better solution might be to use a portable project – this is still experimental, but you could prepare everything in advance and students would not really have to be aware of the fact. If you move the project file to the shared folder, then open it there, enable developer mode in the preferences and select ‘rebase’ from the developer menu in the project window – if you do this once, then close the project, the project file will use local paths to the photos, so students could just copy the shared folder with project file and photos and just open the project without any consolidation.

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Hi, thanks for the swift reply. I am on this project too. You are correct. We actually created a ‘portable project’ which is on our university’s shared drive. Students then have to download it and run it on their own computers.
I use Windows and so did my testers, I had compleatly forgotten that Mac is favoured by the students. So it seems that the protable project I made works for my Windows-students, but not the Mac-students who cannot automatically consolidate the 1000 pictures in the project once downloaded. Now Max is trying to convert my project to Mac (the hard way) on his Mac, and we’ll upload a Mac-version of the project to the shared drive.

Perhaps the project was rebased twice (this can easily happen, given that we don’t have dedicated UI for this, simply by clicking twice on the menu entry) – that would have reset it back to using absolute paths. If the project is set to portable and the photos are in the same folder as the project file, there should be no consolidation necessary when pulling the whole folder to your local computer, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or on Windows.