Can't find "rebase project" option


I’m trying to make my project portable so I can access it from multiple computers. For now, I would like to keep on working on my old laptop, which I use at home connected to a monitor, but I would like to be able to see the project from my new laptop when I’m not at home. (Eventually, I will need to migrate the project so I can edit it from my new computer). I currently store my photos in Google Drive, and I just moved my project file to Drive as well. I use Windows 10 on my old computer and Windows 11 on my new one.

I’m trying to make my project portable using the instructions here:
However, after I enable the developer mode, I can’t see the rebase project option (screenshot attached). Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thank you for your help. Tropy is one of my main research tools, so any additional advice on how to carry out this process (either now to access my project from my new computer, or in the future to be able to work from the new one) will be appreciated!


Hi, this feature has moved to the project settings now. You don’t need to enable developer mode anymore, instead just open your project and select Edit -> Preferences from the menu. In the preferences, select the project tab and you can then select to link photos relative to the project file – this is the setting that is equivalent with what the ‘rebase project’ developer menu entry used to do.

Hi! Thank you so much for your quick reply.

I was able to open the project on my new computer following your directions. However, I’m experiencing two problems. (edit: I solved the first problem)

  1. How do I get my templates to show up on my new computer as well? In my old computer, I sorted the items by “abstract” a category I had added manually to a template, but now that option is not showing up.

Thank you again so much for your help

You can export your templates on the old computer, put the the .ttp files in your shared folder or otherwise copy them to the new computer and then import them into the template editor.

fantastic! it worked

One last thing, just to triple check. I should be able to edit my project on both computers as long as I work asynchronously, make sure that the project file is properly synced before modifying anything, and make periodical backups, right?

Thank you!!

Yes, exactly. Please note that this can be tricky, especially if you’re not connected to the Internet continuously. It’s good practice to always make sure you close your project file after each session and consciously check that you’re up to date before you start.

ok, perfect. thank you so much for your help and for developing this wonderful software.