Export selections with attached note to PDF

Hi there,

Firstly thank you for creating this awesome app. I come from a design background and I’m using it for my PhD thesis. It is a relief to find a piece of beautifully designed software!

I’m not sure if the functionality I’m looking for exists somewhere already. I’m using Tropy to analyse the structure of websites for my thesis. It works really well, because it allows me to focus in on a certain part of a website design and then write a note about that section.

I’ve come across a couple of problems with my process:

  1. Exporting to PDF is such a great feature, because I will be exporting the images/notes from Tropy to then code within Nvivo. Nvivo can’t handle the amount of imagery I will be analysing and the PDF feature compresses. However, when I export, the note in the PDF is cut off. Is there a character limit with notes? The notes are potentially going to be quite long, but it would be awesome if I could do everything in Tropy. The other option is doing everything in Word, which will make the process more laborious, as I will also have an image database still in Tropy.

  2. The process of analysis means I am attaching notes to particular selections of the website design. When I export the PDF, the notes are no longer attached to the selection. Is there a way to export the PDF so it spits out notes attached to the selection / image crop I have used?

Thank you :grin:

Hi! We’ve been planning to add more print-modes. The current one puts the emphasis on printing one photo per page, which is probably the most common use case. However, we’d like to add modes dedicated to printing items or selections per page as well. Your request is the first one to validate this idea.

Regarding the cut-off notes, this is something you can address right away: if you open Tropy’s preferences and review the print settings towards the bottom, there should be an option to allow content to take up more than one page. Because the current mode is designed to print one photo per page only, long notes may be cut off by default, but by enabling this option notes are allowed to overflow on to the next page.

Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, do you know when a feature like that would be available? Or is this something that might be done later down the track?

Thank you for the help with the cut-off notes. That fixed it! In some cases, I am going to have about 5-6 notes per image. So this fix means I should be able to do what I need to do. The notes won’t be attached to the image crop, but I can add a catalogue number to my notes to point to that section of the image.