Notes + metadata + categories attached to an image crop

Hi there,

This was the previous post I created as Troubleshooting, but this is now a Feature request because the functionality is unfortunately not quite right for my process:

  1. As previously requested, being able to export a PDF with notes attached to an image crop would be amazing. Unfortunately, it makes more sense at this stage for me to move my process back into Word because the notes need to be attached to a specific part of a webpage.

  2. Being able to attach category tags to individual blocks of text within notes and/or image crops would be excellent. With categories, I can almost avoid using Nvivo with your software altogether however, as I can’t attach the tags to specific things this won’t work as it is at the moment.

  3. Being able to change the Metadata for image crops would also be a useful feature, for exporting to Zotero.

In summary, the process I will be using means:

  1. I create an image database using Tropy, but will have to add in image crops of the website myself instead of using the inbuilt feature you have with image crops.

  2. There’s a numbering system added to each manually entered image crop I put into the database, which means I can then use them with Zotero.

  3. I have all of my written notes in Word as well as repeating the numbering system in Word to reference the image database in Tropy.

  4. I then take the notes from Word and code them in Nvivo.

Looks like this will need to be my process for now, which means a bit of double work. Hope one day some of these features will be available :slight_smile: