Failed to consolidate photo SQLITE_CONSTRAINT

I’m using Tropy v. 1.3.2, on Windows 10 64-bit OS. Since I downloaded the last version, I’ve this error message when I’m opening my item view (which can appear 20 or 50 times in a row !!) :

I didn’t change the location of my photo. Everything was fine until now, no problems with Tropy which I’m really enjoying.
Thank you for any helpful advice !

Could you post your project file here (or send it to me at Thank you!

Here my project file (I think) : project.log (19.6 KB)

Thank you !

Could you also send me your project file itself? (the .tpy file)

Is it possible that this happens for photos which are missing? I.e., either because you removed or moved the photo after importing them into Tropy? In the screenshot above, there are a bunch of photos missing (marked with the exclamation mark icon). One of the recent updates changed the way Tropy generates thumbnails, so all photos will be consolidated after the update; it is my guess that this is the reason why the error started appearing after the update.

We just had a report of a similar error. In that case, the issue was invalid metadata embedded in the photo; we’ll be changing Tropy to be a little more lenient there. Could you post one of the photos that fails to consolidate? Maybe there is an issue with its metadata, too.

Sorry for the late reply ! Here my project.tpy file : Thèse.tpy (140 KB)

Actually I can still see my photo even if the exclamation mark icon appears in item view… and I didn’t change their location. Here one of my photo that fails to consolidate (but compressed file)

(it’s what you need?)

Thank you very much, I’m very grateful!

Is this exactly the file you imported? You mentioned it is compressed, so I’m guessing you compressed it to upload it here, but I need to take a look at the original file (the one that Tropy fails to consolidate). If you can view it, is there any chance you modified the file in a different program, after importing it into Tropy? It’s possible, for example, that this other program changed the embedded metadata that Tropy now fails to consolidate it, even though it displays just fine.

In any case, if you could send me the original file that we be a big help. You can send it to me at if it is too large to upload here.

By the way, the project file above is an empty project, it’s not the project you’re working on. (You can find the project file by right-clicking in the sidebar and selecting ‘Show project file…’.

Many thanks for sending the original photo. Turns out that the cause of the error you are seeing is also related to the photo’s EXIF orientation after all. This will be fixed in Tropy 1.4 which we’re planning to release next week; after the update, there should be no more consolidation errors for you.