Fans and CPU/GPU temp


I’m just wondering if there are any other adjustments I can make to Tropy’s settings in order to get it to run cooler.

Whenever I’m using the program my fans spin up pretty aggressively even though I have already set WebGL to false.

It seemed to work quieter when I first changed it to false months ago, but for some reason my fans have been spinning up lately. I don’t know if anything has changed in between versions since I hadn’t used the program for a few months.

I’m using a 2018 Macbook Air on Catalina, so admittedly not a super powerful machine.

Thanks in advance,


I assume this is on version 1.8.1, right? Do you notice this only in the item view? For example, does the GPU spin down if you stay in the project view for a few minutes? Also, can you check if the processor utilization goes down if you let Tropy idle in the item view? Currently, the image rendering loop should stop when you’re not actively doing something in the item view – that is, we need to distinguish if the fans spin up because of legitimate work (i.e., you’re actively working in the item view) or because of a potential error that causes the rendering to not stop or something like that.