Problem with accented characters

I have the following problem when writing notes which contain characters such as German umlauts or Czech “ť” - characters which require to by typed through a combination of pressing different keys. In the notes pane, it results into two characters (“ˇt” instead of “ť”, “¨o” instead of “ö”, etc.). It works fine in the metadata pane though.

I use version 1.12.0 (x64) on Linux Mint 21.1.

I’m not sure if this is the same problem as described here: Issue with accented characters

EDIT: On more search, it might be identical with this problem: Unable to type notes in Japanese or Chinese - I understand this should be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thank you,


Yes, composite input methods are broken in 1.12. We’ve already fixed this so it’s definitely going to be in 1.13.

Thanks, that is great to hear! Is there any tentative schedule for 1.13?

It’s already in beta. Basically, it’s been ready for a couple months now, but we’re going to introduce a new project type/variant (which bundles all the photos) which needs more testing and documentation, tooling etc. That’s why it takes a little longer this time around, but we’re really close now.