Unable to type notes in Japanese or Chinese

Hi all, I recently noticed that I can’t type Japanese or Chinese characters in notes (I can in metatdata); Tropy automatically filled in letters before I could choose characters. Have other people had the same problem?

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I think we are already aware of this and it’s going to be fixed in the upcoming release. Just to be sure, which input method do you use to insert Japanese and Chinese?

That’s good to know, thanks! I use macOS default pinyin input for Chinese and Romaiji for Japanese.


I encountered the same problem of not being able to type in Chinese pinyin. I use version 1.12. I was wondering when will the new version that would fix this bug be released?
Also, if I try to update, will I lose all my list&itemsin Tropy? Thank you so much for the constant improvments! Tropy is an awesome app!

This is already fixed upstream and will go into 1.13. I hesitate to make any promises, but this should be released in the next couple of weeks.