Problem with drag and drop/import

I’ve been using Tropy for a few weeks and it has been working great. I’ve been using drag and drop to import jpg images. I have imported more than 4000 images so far. However there are 23 files I’m trying to import into 2 lists and they won’t “drop” when I drag across, or open if I try the “Import” option. Wondering what I can do? Thanks for your help!

Could you share one of the 23 images with us? Then we can check if there’s anything special about the file that keeps Tropy from importing it.

Hi, thank for replying! I’m trying to attach just one photo to this message. It tells me that the file exceeds the 20480kb maximum file size, but it is only 1702kb. None of the 23 files I’m trying to upload exceed 2566kb. Should I try to message them to you some other way? I just sent one to myself via gmail without a problem.

Oh, I think a proxy is rejecting the uploads, sorry about that! In the meantime, you can send a file to me at

I can import the file just fine. Could you restart Tropy, try to import the file you sent me and then select Help -> Show log files from the menu and post your tropy.log file here?

tropy.log (5.9 KB)

Can you check this setting in the preferences?


If it is set to skip duplicates, try to switch to ‘Ask me every time’ and try to import the file again. It’s possible that the file is already in your project (maybe under a different name).

Ok, that didn’t work. But I changed the name of the file in the dropbox folder and it uploaded!