Problem with drag/drop import photos

Good morning,

I’m experiencing a problem that I used not to have. I cannot drag and drop photos into tropy–I have to use the “add photos” function and browse my folders every time.

I read this thread and tried to rename the photos, but that’s not working. I already checked the duplicate setting and that’s not the problem either.

Thank you!

Which operating system are you using and from where are you dragging the photos into Tropy: from the desktop/file manager or from another application? When you drag a photo over the Tropy window you may have to hold for a moment for the window to become active; when that happens, do you see a blue highlight as you’re dragging over the project view or over lists?

Hi! Thank you for your help.
I’m using Windows 10, and I’m dropping the files from my file manager. Here’s a screenshot of what I see when I try to drop a photo. As you can see, I do see a blue highlight and arrow, but when I try to drop the photo, nothing happens.

Oh, you’re dropping the photo into an existing item and it looks like that drop zone is indeed disabled at the moment: that’s on us, we’ll fix this in the upcoming release. Thanks for reporting!

As a workaround, note that if you switch over to the project view you should still be able to drag and drop photos into the project view: this will create new items for the photos, but you could then move them over to the item you originally wanted to drop them into.

Thank you so much! That is a good workaround, especially for individual images (as opposed to dragging multiple ones into the same item).