Separate window for Image viewer

Just a thought:

I don’t use the image viewer of Tropy. Instead I use one of the generic programs from Windows to view the image and then add the info I read into the various items in Tropy. I do this because the zoom-function is very blunt in Tropy. For example, double clicking an image zooms in A LOT, and as far as I can tell, you can’t use your mouse wheel to zoom in our out which means you have to use the gauge above the image, which I simplyu don’t like out of arbitrary reasons that I can’t really argue. Well, yes, it’s a hazzle to have to move your mouse cursor up and down each time you want to zoom out and in. Lastly, I just think it’s easier to work with two windows at the same time because that’s the setup I have in my office. I realize that a lot of people who don’t work with Tropy don’t have two screens, but it could at least be an option.

If I for some reason have missed that these features exist, that’s my bad. But if they don’t exist (mouse scrolling for zooming in and out; separate window for image viewer), please consider them.


You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel (or track pad) while pressing the Ctrl key at the same time (that’s the main way I use for zooming personally). There is also the ‘Photoshop’ shortcut: while holding down the space bar you can use the Ctrl and Alt keys to turn the mouse into zoom in/out mode on. That said, we should probably adjust the zoom step (or make it configurable) – I’ll make a note of it! (We could probably add a configuration option that switches pan and zoom via mouse wheel, too, i.e., that it would zoom by default and pan using Ctrl if this is a common setting?)

I’m not aware of any plans to move the item view to a separate window, but we’ve been planning to create a separate ‘preview’ window (sort of like the preview window you get on macOS natively if you press space on an item in the table/grid). The notable difference of the preview window as opposed to the full item view would be that it’s just the image (no notes) and just for viewing (i.e., not for changing color filters or similar changes).

I just rememberd that I forgot to answer to this one. THank you for your reply, I really hope you configure the zoom step, although using the functions that you explained to me makes it easier to work with.

But again, I would really want a function where you can open a separate image viewer window within the program. I work with two screens, and have the image I read from on one screen and make notes on a word document or in Tropy on the other. If that’s the idea with the preview window, I think that’s a great idea. As long as you can zoom in and out. Would the preview function also take into account any changes to the image you make? I.E. if I invert the colours on an image, would that show in the preview window as well?