Table mode for transcriptions?

I have just started to use Tropy but it is really great and useful as a software. Thanks!
I was wondering whether it would be feasible to add a “table mode” in the note tab (but without calculations), in order to transcript tables easily?
And, even if it has been mentioned in another post, a MS-Word/Excel / OpenOffice would be great given many transcriptions are then useful in those softwares.

thanks for telling us your needs in terms of transcription. Would you mind to give us examples of tables you are working on (we are especially interested in the number of columns)?

At least for now, the largest I had to transcript was 14 columns large:

Thank you for providing this example. We discussed table support internally and are looking forward to do further investigations into the details of a possible implementation, so stay tuned.

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Thanks to you. As for now, I insert a tabulation between columns and then export it to Excel through a *.txt file.

Jumping on the thread to bump NMonteix’s request for table support and provide another example of tables I’d like to transcribe in the software. Also, thanks for enabling Japanese-language support!

I would also love the ability to transcribe into a table! I have some sources that are documenting business records: number of books sold, titles, prices, etc. Is there any update on this since the last post? Thanks!

Also wanted to follow up on this thread - it would still be extremely useful to have the ability to use a table for transcription. I am transcribing columns of mathematical notes and scientific notebooks, and it’s pretty must impossible to do without breaking into multiple notes, which doesn’t provide a sense of the whole object. Thanks for considering it!