Tropy for catalog of Individual Artist works?

Great software, one of the best options I’ve come across for constructing a database for an individual artist that is comprehensive but also useable. It is replacing a simple spreadsheet for me, and I hope to use it to catalogue my artwork / inventory system. Thanks for all the efforts.

I’ve set up tropy on a cloud drive to be available on two separate computers. Recently I noticed that one does not seem to load a custom item template properly.

This leads to two questions -

  1. Where are the custom templates located on Mac OS? I suspect I have to bring a copy over to the local computer where it is not loading properly. I’m aware that I need to keep the images in a folder on the cloud drive and to not run two instances of Tropy at the same time.

  2. I built the custom template by mildly adjusting one I downloaded from a blog. I realize I may have an opportunity to use a more standardized vocabulary, but am rather lost here. Searching around I find that the Getty has what looks like a standard - Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) (Getty Research Institute)
    But I could use some help in getting that into tropy - or alternate suggestion if there is an Artwork vocabulary that seems better.

Thanks for any tips or assistance in advance!

Re 1., you have to export the custom template and import it on the other computer. To export a template, open Tropy’s preferences window, select Templates and hit the Export icon (the one with the arrow up). This will create a ttp file at the location of your choice. Move it to the other computer and import it (using the Import icon with the arrow down).

Re 2., the Getty vocabulary is work in progress, but it might already work for you: Linked Open Vocabularies. Download the n3 file and import it into Tropy using the preferences window. Select Vocabularies and add the vocabulary using the plus icon at the bottom (ignore the error messages after import). Have a look at the properties of in the vocabulary pane, these properties are now available in the template editor.

I’ll check back and let you know if there is a better fit for your use case.

All templates and vocabularies are installed in the ontology.db file in your user-data directory. As an alternative to exporting/importing templates you wish to share, you could copy that file from one computer to the other, to instantly have the same templates available on both devices.

Thanks! Helpful template info in both cases.

As far as vocabularies, I think it is too above my head or overkill for what I need. I was curious if I should follow some kind of best practice at the outset of setting this up but it seems like my custom template seems to do the trick for now. That Getty list is helpful to look through though and may end up telling me additional things I should be recording.